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Referral Program

$50 Flat Per Account

With the $50 flat option, earn $50 in bonus money for every account you refer who gets their merchant services with Total Merchant Services upon activation. There are no limits on the referrals you can submit or on the payments you can receive. Regardless of if you are someone who works from home or has clients that could benefit from our services. Complete the form below to get started today!

Example of a good referral:any business that has customers, accepts payments, sends invoices, needs capital, marketing, website development, has a website, needs a website, looking for a phone app, has a business card, advertises, networks, e-commerce, customer financing, etc.

We provide Merchants/Businesses a “$50 Sign-Up Today Bonus” for trying our monthly services.

My merchant services partnership/affiliate benefits

You can earn extra cash by taking advantage of our merchant services marketing partnership and affiliate programs. We offer many different programs tailored to fit your needs and desired involvement. There are no limits to the amount of merchant account referrals you can submit or on how much money you can make! Each program below is set up based on your level of involvement. Choose which one best fits your situation, and a Specialist from CVG will be in contact with you soon.

  • Tools for Success
  • Custom Materials
  • Upfront Bonus Payment
  • Ongoing Residual Commissions
  • Unlimited Earning Potential

Are you ready to get started with the CVG referral/affiliate program?

Complete the below form, and a Specialist from CVG will reach out to you with more information on the $50 flat referral program.


Other Merchant Services Referral Partner Options:

Medium Involvement – $50 Upfront up to $2,500 Per Account with Residuals (Refer your current clients or market to those you know)

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We here at C-Vest Group, Thank You for your Referral(s) and look forward to COMPENSATING You on Many More. Keep them coming...