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C-Vest Group "CVG" a Small Local Business asking for your Business and the opportunity to inform you of what we can do to enhance your business now and, in the future, CVG is your Resource for Business Capital, B2C, B2B, and B2G Payments Solutions, Software, Hardware, Business Enhancement Specialists. Committed to the Enhancement and Growth of Your Business, now and in the future, keeping you up to date of new technologies, innovations, and solutions for the profitability and savings of your business.

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CVG provides moral and ethical solutions to enhance businesses' growth. Helping a wide range of businesses to find innovative solutions for savings, growth and expansion, our team of Specialized business innovators here at C-Vest Group has a background in several fields, giving us a broad range of knowledge to draw from. We offer consumer financing, Simplified Online Enrollment, payment processing, In-House point-of-sale POS Specialists offering over 100 different systems working with you to get the ideal system for your wants and needs, accounting integrations with option of automation into your accounting software, online invoicing with payment link with multiple options of payments, website, and mobile app development, smart QR code, B2B & B2G online interchange optimization, Gateway level II data and level III data transactions optimization, online virtual terminal and Portal Hub, e-commerce solutions, all-in-one marketing, nonprofit Solutions, plus much more. High-Risk Businesses welcomed. With our payment solutions we offer you different pricing such as edge Dual Pricing, flat rate pricing, tiered pricing, Interchange Plus, surcharge, etc. Solutions allowing you to retain/keep the maximum amount allowable per compliance specifications, with same day and next day funding options.

For specific advice or if you need all-around assistance navigating the current business climate, we’re on hand to guide and inform – contact us at by filling out the form, to see how we can help. A specialist from CVG will be in contact with you to address all your questions.

To begin with, below is a preliminary form, that asks for basic information. Upon submitting this form, A CVG specialist will be in contact with you.

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Once approved, your secure portal hub will provide all back-office business information related to your credit card processing plus more. Every accepted business will have access to their own secure online back-office hub portal.

To get started, log into your business portal. You will then have access to:


Today: Get a snapshot of your day with detailed dashboard of high-level sales activity

·         Edit button. Toggle which information you want to see on your dashboard

·         Volume. Real-time totals for today’s gross sales number of transactions and average ticket

·         Widgets. View sales and deposits data, customer trends, stock alerts and top-performing employees, customers, items, discounts and modifiers

Sales: View sales volume payment methods and top sellers.

·         Date range. Pick from convenient preselected periods or create a custom range

·         Filters. View sales data volume, payment method, customers, employees and your inventory

·         Graphs. Get a visual of your sales trends and export reports

·         Breakdown. A complete listing of all your sales data with comparison trends

Transactions. View and share your transactions

·         Search. Enter a card number, date, customer or invoice number two filter results

·         Date range. Pick from convenient preselected periods or create a custom range

·         Options. Email, SMS or print a receipt

·         Filter. View all transactions or filter by sales, pre-auth, refund or void

·         Details. View date and time, invoice number, payment method, employee, customer and purchases

Deposits. See what’s coming in and going out of the bank account you connected to your credit card processing

·         Search. Enter a date, the amount or type of deposit two filter results.

·         Date range. Pick from convenient preselected periods or create a custom range.

·         Details. View date, fees and adjustments for each deposit or withdraw.

Reports. Get a breakdown of what, where and how of your day-to-day sales.

·         Date range. Pick from convenient preselected periods or create a custom range.

·         Report types. Select from a variety of reports in the left panel.

·         Export. Generate reports based on the selected date range.


Customers. View and export a list of your customers.

·         Search. Enter a name, email or phone number two filter results

·         Export. Enter a name, email or phone two filter results

·         Add button. Create a new customer.

·         Details. You name and contact information

·         Customer feedback. Enable under receipt settings in the app.

Employees. Create and edit employees and assign roles based on permission level. As the business principle, you are the administrator by default.

·         Search. Enter a name, role, email or phone two filter results.

·         Add button. Create a new employee

·         Roles. View all employees or filter to a single role.

Online Payments. Use the hub inside to accept payments, right in your browser.

·         Amount. Enter transaction amount and optional notes.

·         Payment information. Key in your customers credit card information.

·         Receipt. Assign a customer and enter contact information for an optional receipt.

Invoices. Create, manage and send invoices and allow your customers to pay online. For pricing purposes, invoices are considered keyed transactions.

·         Search. Enter an invoice number, amount, customer name or email address.

·         Invoice filter. You all invoices or filter by paid, unpaid and overdue status.

·         Add button. Create a new invoice.

·         Details. Invoice amount, due date and customer information.

·         Get paid. Send customers to a secure online payment page customized with your branding.


Items. Create sellable products with multiple variants.

·         Search. Enter an item name, price name, our code number or price two filter results.

·         Add button. Create a new item

·         category filter. View all items or filter by assigned category

·         item options. Mark as a favorite or removed from your library.

Item Details. Create endless variations of your items with powerful customization options.

·         Basic info. Enter an item name, select a category and assign and optional photo

·         multiple prices. Enter at least one price and an optional price name or add several.

·         Barcode number. Enter an optional barcode number for each item price.

·         Tax and modifiers. Assign optional tax and modifiers sets that allow customization at the time of sale.

Manage Stock. Track your inventory and sink quantities across devices. Just enter the stock on hand for each Priceline. Set custom stock alerts and allow for out of stock sales.

Categories, modifiers and discounts.

·         Categories. Create color-coded groups to organize your items.

·         Modifiers. Create sets of options that can be assigned to items and selected at time of sale.

·         Discounts. Create color-coded dollar or percentage-based discounts.

Your Account:

Manage your account.

·         Account menu. Navigate to the account icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

·         Profile. Change your password, order additional card readers and manage tax documentations.

·         Alerts. Generate email notifications based on processing, batch and more.

·         Integrations. Connect your hub portal sales data to your QuickBooks online account.

Home Base:

Management platform

  • Timeclock and Timesheets: track hours and breaks, data will sync seamlessly, where you can easily identify errors and easily export to payroll.
  • Employee scheduling: build a schedule with a few clicks. View labor costs, weather forecasts, and employee availability all in one place
  • With the mobile app, keep the whole team on the same page. Send schedules, shift reminders and messages all in one place