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We at C-Vest Group (CVG) thank you for allowing us the opportunity to assist in the Enhancement of your business your business. CVG looks forward to answering all your questions in detail. CVG will continue to bring you up to date new technology, solutions, and input to better your business. Click here to complete form when submitted a Specialist with CVG will contact you to address all your questions.

CVG offers, Guaranteed Low Cost “Wholesale” Credit/Debit Card Processing, along with many other benefits. Our EDGE solution allows you to retain/keep the maximum amount allowable per compliance specifications on processing. CVG THRIVES on saving you, the business owner time and money, while assisting in growing your business. On average, CVG lets business owners keep over 80% of what they were paying or was going to pay for Credit Card processing fees/costs. "Accept all payment types: EMV chip cards, Mag-stripe Cards and NFC contactless payments like Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and other digital wallets.

No Annual Contract.

We offer: Free Up-To Date Equipment Placement (Retail, Storefront, Mobile, Tablet, Gateway, E-Commerce), such as but not limited to: In-House point-of-sale POS Specialists offering over 100 different systems working with you to get the ideal system for your wants and needs, Land Line, Wi-Fi, Wireless, Bluetooth, Cash Drawer, Printers, Pin Pad, Scanner, Kitchen Printer, Tablets, Mobile Equipment. Reprograming of Equipment, Next Day Funding (Coming Soon Same Day Funding), Loyalty and Rewards Programs, Gift Cards, Check Processing, E-Commerce, Gateways, Marketing, your very own secure, online merchant portal, allowing but not limited to: Business Activity, Inventory Management, Recurring Billing, invoice management including automated, emailable invoices, Online Payments, timeclock and timesheets, employee scheduling, team communications, card-not-present transactions, custom reporting that allows you to view sales activities, track your customers, access statements, along with much more…

For a limited time, CVG to compensate merchants; "$50.00 Sign-Up Today Bonus. CVG will compensate you a one-time "Sign Up Today Bonus" of $50.00" when accepted and begin processing with us, for allowing CVG the opportunity to save you money and say Thank You. Ask for details.

We LOVE referrals. Everyone you refer to us and sign-up, you will be compensated "$25.00 to $100.00 per". Our way of saying Thank You. Ask for details.

We constantly strive on finding solutions, in which to save you the business owner(s) money and assist in building your business.

We continue to incorporate simpler ways for enrollment and constantly adding additional enhanced features to better serve you.

Click here to go to the form to complete and submitOnce CVG receives the submitted form one of our Specialists will contact you to address all your questions.