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Credit/Debit Card Processing

Win-Win!!! CVG Saves Merchants/Businesses, on average, over 80% on Credit/Debit Card Processing costs/fees. Allow us to explain. “It’s Your Money… Keep It…”

CVG takes PRIDE in saving Merchants money and assisting in growing their business. CVG offers Low-Cost Wholesale Pricing on Credit/Debit Card Processing, Plus much more…

For a limited time, CVG to compensate Merchants a; “$50 (sign up today bonus)” for trying our no obligation services.

Providing; Next day Funding (Coming soon: Same Day Funding); No Annual Contract; Free Equipment Placement (Retail, Storefront, Mobile, Tablet, Gateway, E-Commerce); All Merchants will have their own secured online payments portal hub; with access to much more. With Nothing to Lose, With Much to Gain. “It’s Your Money… Keep It…”

WE LOVE REFERRALS…Inquire about our: $25 - $100 referral program “Per Referral”, Go to: www.cvestgroup.com for additional information.

Simplified Enrollment: go to: www.cvestgroup.com, call, or email us to begin.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We look forward to getting to know you and your business.

Contact CVG today and allow us to explain and answer all your questions in detail

“It’s Your Money… Keep It…”


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C-Vest Group (CVG)